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Laikipia County on Track to Develop its Water Masterplan

Eng. Henry Ndugah, a consultant with Batch Associates, presents the second draft of the Laikipia County Water Masterplan to stakeholders during the validation meeting.

The Laikipia County Water CEC, Njenga Kahiro, has initiated a small team of water sector experts to enrich the county water masterplan and submit to the County for adoption by December of this year. This team comprises of the County Director of Water, Nanyuki and Nyahururu water companies, County Agriculture and Irrigation department, Public Health Department, the regional Water Resources Authority, the county office of the National Environment Management Authority, Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership, Laikipia County Natural Resources Network, Eng. Murage from Water Sector Trust Fund, Eng. June Kawira from Rural Focus, and the consulting firm tasked to develop the plan.

“Every single sector in the country is underpinned by water, as a result, we must develop an elaborate and comprehensive document that will reflect the true vision of the county in ensuring availability of water resources for the next 20 years and beyond.” These were the sentiments of Laikipia County Executive Committee Member, Mr. Njenga Kahiro, at the Laikipia County Water Masterplan validation meeting, on the 15th of October 2019.

The validation meeting was organized by the County Government of Laikipia and the Water Sector Trust Fund, with the objective of getting feedback and recommendations on the second draft of the plan from stakeholders. In attendance were representatives from County government, government agencies; Water Sector Trust Fund and Water Resource Authority, Private sector, Civil Society and Development partners.

After a presentation on the draft masterplan by the consultant, these are some of the key issues that were highlighted and need either to be addressed and/or incorporated in the plan.

The county water masterplan establishes h the current water and sanitation situation in the county. It examines the key driving factors, such as current water resources, future water resources incorporating climate change impacts, existing and projected future water demands, population and growth dynamics, the watershed potential of the county and its effect on the general growth of the population and sectors in the county. The Plan should assist the leadership in the County to crystalize and optimize investments in the water sector to improve quality and quantity of water available for different users and to meet the national water sector goals.

Read the draft masterplan here



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