• Wildlife Conservation

    Large mammals in Laikipia County are both diverse and numerous, perhaps more so than almost anywhere in East Africa…

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  • Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership

    Laikipia is physically diverse, scenically spectacular and holds the second largest density of wildlife in Kenya after the Masai Mara…

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  • Rangeland Management

    The Laikipia County occupies a wild and expansive landscape (9,500km²), physically diverse and scenically spectacular; with grasslands, hills and forests…

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  • Conservation Education and Citizen Science

    The long-term sustainability of conservation efforts in Laikipia is inextricably linked to the environmental awareness…

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Conservation in Laikipia supports more than wildlife –
it supports a way of life

Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) is a membership driven organisation located 1.2km from Nanyuki town. Founded in 1992 over a common set of natural resource management issues, the Forum has grown to include 20,000 members. Many of them belong to community natural resources management groups such as Community Forest Associations, Water Resource User Associations, Wildlife Clubs, Conservancies and Group ranches.

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Our monthly online newsletter Forum Focus has been designed to keep you informed about the various activities being implemented by the Forum as well as on key issues affecting and impacting Laikipians and the Laikipian landscape. It’s all about improving communications with our membership and the public. Subscribe to the newsletter by sending your email address to communications@laikipia.org.

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