Lokichar-Lamu Crude Oil Pipeline and LAPPSET ESIA sends out alarm bells!


We are faced with one of the most significant national infrastructure projects, on a scale greater than the SGR. The LAPPSET corridor will affect a significant area of the country.

See more on the GOK’s LAPSSET Project here:  http://www.lapsset.go.ke

We are part of a growing number of responsible citizens and organizations that watch large-scale development proceed apace, but are concerned at its social, environmental and economic impacts.

The first steps in knowing what to do and how to react, is by staying informed and remaining engaged.

Please review the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment that was conducted by consultants for the LAPPSET corridor. Nothing about these assessments are easy………but they are meant to inform and mitigate dangers, improve upon what’s good, and stop the obvious.

The full set of ESIA documents can be found here:


Alas, all public feedback was required by January 24, and most of us never saw these materials before.

MKEWP and the Forum are joining with EIIN and NRT, and others to keep the focus on informed decision-making on LAPPSET and how it affects our people, places and wildlife.

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