Promoting Partnerships Within the Greater Laikipia Landscape

The new Laikipia Forum’s signboard is mounted along the entrance of the Paramount Chief Road, just behind the Nanyuki ASK showground, along the Likii River. Not only does the sign indicate the Forum’s location, it also illustrates our continued efforts to bring together membership-led organizations in a bid to promote natural resources conservation, cohesion and partnerships in the landscape.

Laikipia Forum presently hosts 6 partners – the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership, Ewaso Maji Users Association, Laikipia Tourism Association, Ilamamusi Forest Association, Laikipia County Natural Resources Network, and Oramat Lenaboisho Cooperative Society.  With a major building project planned for 2020, we can expect to be hosting many more organizations, agencies, and partners active in natural resources management in the Greater Laikipia Landscape.


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